5 Landing Page Mistakes That Are Costing you conversions

You spent aaaaaall that time creating a killer lead magnet and painstakingly setting up your funnel – the whole time the excitement was rising. “This is my big break into the consistent 5, 6, 7(!) figure months I keep hearing about,” you thought. You could FEEL the magic swirling all around you. This is IT. 

When it’s finally go time, it’s like being a kid at the movie theater with a big bowl of popcorn in your lap waiting for Honey I Shrunk the Kids to start.

Buuuuuut… then nothing really happened.

You’ve shared it on social media, in your Facebook group, maybe even running an ad to it but no one’s signing up. What’s the deal?

Troubleshooting your funnel can be frustrating. Before you go completely rethinking your whole funnel, here are 5 landing page mistakes that might be costing you conversions.

Click Option overload

It’s really tempting to think that while you have someone’s eyes on your landing page you should let them know about your Facebook group, because obvi. OH! And you’re offering free strategy sessions this month so girrrrrl, gotta let them KNOW. And you wrote a killer blog last week so another link won’t hurt, right?


The more choices you give them to click on the less likely they’re going to do the one thing you sent them to the landing page to do – give you their email address. You should have ONE clear call to action as the only choice to click on the page. However, if your landing page is long, adding multiple buttons is ???.

Buttons That Blend In

When I create landing pages, I always use my flashiest color for the sign up button then keep it consistent throughout the page. Not only does it stand out but it trains the viewer to look for it.

Pro tip: Use command language on your button (it’s an NLP hack ?). Instead of saying Click Here, say Click Now. Click Here to Download → Download Now. Doing this has also been shown to increase conversions significantly.

Hidden Headlines

This one seems like a no brainer but make sure you can see the headline without having to scroll down. Headlines are what pull the viewer in to read more. If it’s not immediately obvious why they should stick around, they’re more likely to click away.

Inconsistent Design

We call this keeping the scent. Your design should be consistent from your traffic source (such as Facebook ad, email, blog) to your landing page and lets your leads know they’re in the right place. You can do this by being consistent with your fonts, color palette, hero image and headline.

Forgetting the Social Proof

The most common way of doing this is testimonials. Nothing says it better or builds trust more easily than words of praise from happy clients. If you get visible results for clients, show before and after photos.

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Amber Secrest

Marketing Strategist & Sales Funnel Expert for Online Entrepreneurs // Founder of Brand Alchemy